about me
Leila Claire Cahillane

My name is Leila Claire Cahillane. A native of Paris, France, I've been photographing people and places since I was twelve years old. 

Most of my education was done in Paris where I studied communications at Université Paris V and got a graduate degree in drama/theater at Ecole de l'Acteur Florent with a focus on directing. I moved to New York in my late twenties, studied film at NYU Film School, and photography at the International Center of Photography (ICP), where I also worked as a Teaching Assistant.

Because I love to learn and to make things, I taught  myself and practice many artistic disciplines such as graphic design, acrylic painting and watercolors, creative writing, jewelry, the culinary arts, singing...and I'm crazy about the needle arts!

After working in New York for fifteen years and some time in Jacksonville, FL, I followed my husband to Framingham, MA where I continue to share with people my passion for life and creativity in all its forms.

I find human beings and animals to be the most heart-warming and rewarding subjects. I feel lucky to work with families, share a small part of their lives, and become their "photo biographer."

My goal with portrait photography is not only to create a record of a time in someone's life, but to go beyond appearance. My aim is to express personality, emotions, to capture some of their inner life.  I aim to create an image that will touch the viewer as much as it touches me...to warm their heart and cheer their soul!

Can you feel it, soul power

You got to feel it, soul power

(James Brown)

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